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About Us

Elder St Vets are your local Lambton Vet. Located at 124-126 Elder Street, Lambton. It's the traditional home of the vet in Lambton. But there has been some major changes, hence the change of name. Elder Street Vets is completely independently owned by local vet Dr Darren Gibbins. It's also had a much needed make-over. It's a fresh start for the local vet in Lambton. There's no more corporate KPI's or sales targets, just good old fashioned quality veterinary care with the aid of the latest technology. Our focus is on providing the best care for your pet. We have quality vets and use the most up to date equipment and use multiple veterinary specialists to provide the best health outcomes for your beloved pet.


We understand that it’s stressful when your beloved pet gets sick. That’s why we make it as easy as possible for you to book online or over the phone. We have state of the art technology to efficiently make a diagnosis and a highly qualified team to facilitate the best treatments ad health outcomes. Our team of experienced Vets have over 20 years of Veterinary experience, so that your fur family gets the best and up to date care.  


Most importantly of all we know what your pet means to you, and they will always be treated with the kindness and compassion every pet deserves.

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