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Medical and Pathology

Elders Street Vet has the most modern and up to date pathology equipment available to vets. This includes in house blood biochemistry, in house blood cell analysis, in house blood clotting time analysis and in house cell morphology analysis with AI technology that gives the best results possible for lumps, urine and blood.

As well as the best in-house pathology equipment available, Elder Street Vets also uses the best external laboratories in Australia and the rest of the world to be able to get the best diagnostic results for your best friend.

Medical and pathology


Elder Street vets at Lambton has a full designated surgery facility for the management of soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery for your pet.

With experienced veterinary surgeons a wide range of surgeries can be performed at Elder Street Vets.

Elder Street Vets also works with a range of specialists Veterinary Surgeons and can organise referral for those really tricky surgeries with specialist surgeons in many fields.


Dr Darren has a special interest in soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery. Whether it’s a broken bone, a knee reconstruction or many other conditions Elder Street Vets can help.


Radiology and Ultrasonography

Elder Street Vets has the most modern and up to date digital x-ray equipment. There are 2 x-ray machines in the practice, the first is the Metron digital x-ray, for the bulk of the practice's x-ray needs. It uses AI technology to analyse x-rays to give the best diagnostic procedures. The second is the IM3 dental x-ray machine especially designed to x-ray teeth and structures around the head. It helps get the best results when doing dental procedures. 

Elder Street Vets also has a veterinary ultrasound machine in house. Ultrasound diagnostic imaging is a vital part of work up in some cases.

Elder Street Vets also uses referral radiology services for CT and MRI when necessary for the really tricky cases and further work up is required.


Elder Street Vets has a designated dental suite with the most advanced IM3 dental equipment available. Whether your pet needs a scale and polish to help keep those teeth healthy and sparkly white or more advanced requirements and even extractions, Elder Street Vets has the gear to do the best job.

Elder Street Vets also has a full IM3 dental x-ray machine to be able to see what's going on under the gum, sometimes you just can’t tell what’s going on without taking an x-ray.

Radiology and ultrasonography



Puppy pre-school is often a vital role helping you, the puppies primary carer to make your puppy a happy, well adjusted member of your family.

For more information about puppy preschool chat to nurses about how we can help.

Referral Specialists

Elder Street Vets know that we don’t always have all the answers and need the help of specialists with some cases. We have access to a multitude of veterinary specialists in many fields that we can seek opinions on and send our patients to if necessary

puppy preschool
referral specialists
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