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Ensuring Safe Waters for You and Your Pet with Elder St Vets in Lambton, Newcastle

Spending sunny days by the water is a joy, and having our furry pals join in the fun makes it even better! However, keeping our pets safe while splashing around is essential. At Elder St Vets in Lambton, Newcastle, we've gathered some helpful tips to ensure everyone, including our pets, has a fantastic and safe time by the water.

  1. Can Your Pet Swim? Before taking your pet for a dip, check if they're natural swimmers. Some breeds, like bulldogs or pugs, might need gentle introductions to water. Remember, rip currents can be hazardous for them, so always keep a close eye.

  2. Check the Waters Stay vigilant! Keep an eye out for rip currents, debris, or branches in water bodies. Be cautious of diseases like leptospirosis in fresh water and chemicals in pools.

  3. Watch Out for Wildlife Just as marine life poses threats to us, our pets are also at risk. Look out for signs of encounters with creatures like jellyfish or snakes.

  4. Keep an Eye on Treats New smells and treats at the beach can tempt your pet. Train them to "leave" if they find something. Watch for fish hooks, as they can cause harm.

  5. Bathroom Breaks Regular toilet stops are crucial, especially if you're on a boat. Offer breaks before boarding and immediately after returning ashore.

  6. Practice and Safety Practice on a kayak to prepare for unexpected situations. Teach your pet how to handle a surprise swim if the kayak capsizes.

  7. Life Jackets for Safety Consider a life jacket for your pet, especially if they tire quickly in water or on boats.

  8. Shade and Hydration Shield your pet from sunburn and heatstroke by providing ample shade. Portable tents can act as a safe haven. Ensure access to clean drinking water to keep them hydrated.

  9. Clean Drinking Water Despite being near water, offer fresh water. Saltwater and chlorinated water aren't safe for pets.

  10. Post-Water Care After aquatic adventures, give your pet a bath to remove any dirt or toxins.

Here's to a fun and safe time by the Newcastle water with your furry companions! Should any mishap occur, seek veterinary advice promptly. Soak up the sunshine responsibly with your loved ones, including your beloved pets.

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