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Microchipping and Name Tags: Ensuring Your Kitten's Safety in Lambton, Newcastle


In Lambton, Newcastle, microchipping your kitten is more than just a legal requirement—it's a vital step in ensuring their safety. This tiny, painless chip, placed beneath your kitten's skin, holds a unique identification code that links to nationwide databases. At Elder St Vets, our team emphasizes the importance of keeping these details up to date. Unsure about your kitten's microchip status? Swing by our clinic for a quick scan. It's a breeze and doesn't require an appointment.

Name Tags:

Adding a name tag to your kitten's collar is a proactive step in Lambton, Newcastle. Engrave their name on one side and one or more phone numbers on the other. This simple measure offers you peace of mind—knowing that if your curious kitty wanders off, a kind soul who finds them can easily reach out to reunite you.

Let Elder St Vets in Lambton, Newcastle, be your partner in ensuring your kitten's safety. From microchipping checks to name tag recommendations, we're here to keep your furry friend safe and sound.

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