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"Seasonal Pet Care Tips: Keeping Your Furry Friends Happy in Newcastle's Varied Climate"

Hey, Newcastle pet parents! As the seasons change in our vibrant city, it's essential to adjust our pet care routines to keep our furry friends feeling their best. At Elder St Vets in Lambton, we've got you covered with tips and tricks for caring for your pets through Newcastle's diverse weather. From those scorching summers to those mild winters and allergy seasons, here's your go-to guide to keep your pets happy and healthy year-round. Hot Summers:

Newcastle summers can sizzle, so remember, hydration is key! Ensure your pets have access to plenty of fresh water, especially during those warm days. Avoid walks during peak sun hours, opt for early mornings or late evenings instead, and always protect those paw pads from scorching pavements.

Mild Winters:

While Newcastle's winters are milder, our furry pals still need some extra care. Keep them warm and cozy with bedding and shelter, especially for outdoor pets. Shorten their walks on chilly days and consider pet-friendly jackets for those sensitive to the cold.

Allergy Seasons:

Ah, the sneezy, sniffly times! Just like us, pets can suffer from seasonal allergies. Keep an eye out for excessive scratching, licking, or sneezing. Regular grooming and wiping their paws after outdoor adventures can help minimize allergen exposure.

At Elder St Vets, we're here to support you through every season. Don't hesitate to reach out for personalise advice or if you notice any unusual changes in your pet's behaviour. Together, let's ensure our furry pals thrive, no matter what the Newcastle weather throws our way!


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