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French Bulldog

P U P P Y  S C H O O L ​

Welcome to Puppy School at Elder St Vets

Welcoming a new puppy into your life can be a bit overwhelming. It's crucial to provide them with the best opportunity to thrive in their new home. Whether your household is large or small, it's essential for a young dog to develop social skills and proper manners. Understanding their place in the family is vital for their overall health, well-being, and quality of life.


Jess Smith is our dedicated puppy trainer. You may see Jess walking around Lambton Park, she's out there regularly walking her dogs, or other peolpe's dogs. When not working as a vet nurse and puppy trainer Jess can be found working in her own business, Active Pups Co. That's right, Jess walks dogs when not vet nursing! Jess currently hosts a four-week Puppy School training course at Elder St Vets.

Jess shares her enthusiasm by educating new puppy owners on fostering a harmonious coexistence and creating a loving atmosphere at home.


Enrolling your new puppy in our Puppy School not only introduces them to the vet as a positive place where enjoyable experiences occur but also offers additional advantages. These include developing socialisation skills, learning basic commands for good manners, and acquiring practical commands that enhance safety and ease of handling in day-to-day situations.


W E E K  1​

Introduction to puppy school


Toilet training

W E E K  2

Basic commands

Separation anxiety


W E E K  3

Useful commands​


Walking on the lead

W E E K  4

Fun tricks 

Questions & Support

Graduation pictures



Jess has a keen interest in dog behaviour. She is the proud owner of Lenny the Kelpie. Jess is a freelance photographer so you can look forward to some professional pictures in Week 4!

C L A S S E S 




(02) 4072 4700

All puppies attending puppy school must be up to date with vaccinations. 

Call us if you have any questions about whether your puppy is up to date. 

Happy Puppy
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